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20 September 2010: Avondale Match Report

23 Sep 2010

Guildford Water Polo Club 6 – Avondale 12


What a game! Unfortunately the score is not a true reflection on how we played. How frustrating is it, when 2 minutes into the final chukka we are 6 all and for it to end the way it did. Our fitness let us down in a pool that felt like it was heated by the fires of hell. I was so wasted Russell pulled me over for cocking up and not only didn’t I know what I had done but I didn’t understand when he explained it to me. 4 weeks off for the more senior man feels like 6 months when I was younger.

I felt we played very well; as usual Russell steamed us ahead 3 -0 in the first Q the first goal coming in seconds. Another was an awesome feat of individuality. He picked up the ball on the halfway, swam it in, dribbled 2 defenders, feigned the keeper one side and put it passed him on the other, wow, to finish like that after the sprint and tackles truly fantastic to watch. At one stage I said their shooting was off. On reflection what I should have said was”We are containing them and they aren’t getting their shots on target.” Defence was pretty sound at most times.

We gave away quite a few opportunities with slack passing and the usual faults that seep into our game the last Quarter when coming out high means getting ones head high enough to breathe air and not water.

Trevor scored a classic goal from the post. Dis passed in to him and all of us on the side sighed - alas too high. No chance, not only did he catch it but on his way down put it passed the keeper, this with 2 defenders on him and his back to the goal. The 4-2 practice and the passing exercises are paying off in many ways. Roger saved a great penalty (I think it’s the first in a league match) and although the second one missed, what we forget is that when the opposition realise they have a good goalie to beat they have to try that much harder and that pressure should never be underestimated.

All in all it was the best we have done against Avondale away (we drew at home) and we though we really missed Steve and James, we did manage and either one of them would have given us the edge we needed. With the new players we have and the additional training at Cranleigh we have a new depth to the side. However I think we should employ a secretary to co ordinate our goalies and key player’s calendars. Jim what can I say, ignored again, though not by me this time? Jim has this ability to swim under the radar and suddenly appear unmarked on the left side post. You’re so bloody good at it we don’t see you! We have to become more aware (hands up I’m the worst culprit) of Jims breaks if not to score more goals, for Jim’s self esteem. He has taken to entering quiz shows and advertising it on our network (Martin will have the invoice for your advert ready next week) to get some form of recognition.

Thank you all for a sterling effort. Our goals for next year: Amphs and Avondale we’re closing the gap.

Guildford water polo: appearing in a pool near you soon!